Hello! I’m Abi,  A 30 year old vegetarian living in Manchester, UK.

I’m a huge fan of food (mostly eating, but also cooking/baking) minimalist living, photography and travelling (which I hope to do more of in the future).

I’ve been trying to blog for ages, but haven’t quite come up with the right concept that I was happy enough to stick with. Having finally decided on said concept, my plan is to research and find healthy vegetarian/vegan places to eat and buy food in Manchester and beyond, so you don’t have to. There may also be a little bit of minimalist fashion blogging (think capsule wardrobe) and general lifestyle stuff as and when.

I’m also all about the affordable lifestyle. Whilst I’d love to spend £300 on a fancy shirt or jacket, my budget is more like £50 which is more realistic for most people out there. The same with food. As much as I would love to eat out at fancy restaurants on daily basis, I prefer trying unique street food and small independent cafes.

I think that sums up what this blog will be about, enjoy!